2-D Animation: When in doubt, stick to the basics.
2-D animation, popularly known as cell-animation is the basic technique in animation. We specialize in cell-animation. Add a touché of classy to whatever you create, a video, presentation or an add film.

3-D Animation: Whatever your mind can conceive and your heart can desire, We can create it.
Our virtual-gods can create absolutely anything, just as you want it. Thatís true, 3-D animation is our forte. A landscape, an entire scene, a structure or any complex machinery, we can create anything-using 3-D animation techniques. Make your presentations uncomparable with the hottest thing in the entertainment industry.

Multimedia CD-ROMs:The Interactive Experience
What do you do, when you want to put your video, audio, images, text, everything in one basket?
Simple. Find some one to make a multimedia CD for you. Fortunately you have landed on the right spot. We create user-friendly multimedia CD-ROMs with best interactively options.

Commercial Advertisement/Corporate Films/Documentaries/Video Production:
You would not risk with something that represents you in your absence. Take for example your corporate film, or a documentary. They will speak for you, or who knows, against you!
We provide solutions for creative, yet, comprehensive corporate films and documentaries. In-house services for scripting, video production and postproduction makes us single step solution for your requirements.

Graphic Designing & Printing: They say, the first impression is the last impression.
We are not sure whether the first impression is the last impression, but it lasts for longer, and that we are sure of. That is the reason you would want your graphics to be distinctively creative and original. We provide creative designing of graphics and quality printing, all under one roof.

Web-Casting: Get technology on your side
Web casting is the latest technology connecting the world. Now it doesnít matter where you are, you can make your videos accessible to the entire world. We provide you a global platform with web casting.

E books
E books is the new media for distribution of knowledge being popular because of environment friendly solution, which saves the Valuable paper & thus Valuable trees


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